Fractional CTO

In an ever-accelerating digital landscape, businesses need strategic technology leadership to drive growth. While a full-time CTO brings undeniable value, not every company requires or can afford a full-time position. This is where a Fractional CTOs offer a practical solution.

Empower founders and C suite executives with technical expertise so they can build strong engineering organizations and create a culture of accountability

How it works?

A Fractional CTO provides all the benefits of a traditional CTO but on a part-time, flexible basis, aligning with your business needs and budget.

Roles and Responsibilities Offered

  1. Aligning technology initiatives with the business’s mission and vision.
  2. Researching and evaluating technologies pertinent to the business.
  3. Participating in executive technology leadership and management decisions.
  4. Leading the technology team for optimal performance.
  5. Overseeing software development and implementing operational methodologies.
  6. Streamlining design and delivery of technology products and services.
  7. Establishing an effective tech security program.
  8. Enhancing scalability and resilience of technology platforms.
  9. Conducting technology maintenance assessment and planning.
  10. Implementing modern technology governance.
  11. Reviewing and negotiating technology-related business contracts.
  12. Assistance in Hiring and Technical Screening

When a Fractional CTO Can Help

A fractional CTO can essentially take on anything a full-time CTO would, however, here are some of the common situations when we see companies reaching out for help:

Meet Faisal Zahid, our founder who brings versatile technical and product management expertise to your organization as a fractional CTO. Valued for his responsiveness and reliability, Faisal is known for his ability to adapt swiftly to new technologies and for communicating complex concepts with ease.

As an accomplished full-stack engineer, Faisal has guided successful consumer-oriented businesses from inception to maturity. His experience working hands-on in the trenches has honed his talent fostering skills, making him effective at mentoring and managing teams. Renowned for his passion and strong work ethic, Faisal tirelessly ensures your technology aligns seamlessly with your business strategy.

"Multifaceted Leadership"
Bridging the Gap between Tech and Business

Faisal and I have had a long journey together on Swaggable (5+ years) and I whole heartedly recommend him, and can confidently say that I would work with him on future ventures. From a technical perspective, he is a full stack engineer and is able to quickly switch gears, while shipping great code. He puts data at the forefront and is able to distill complexities into simple and easy to understand language and decision points. Important to note: Across the course of Swaggable, Faisal had to speed learn many new things (e.g. mobile development, eCommerce like Shopify and Amazon APIs) and be able to educate his technical team and us on the business side. From a product stand point, Faisal is a full stack product management guru. He's able to create on point product mock ups (with minimal direction) and then constructively take feedback to deliver a functional, final product.

On the management end, Faisal has a sharp eye for talent (both on the technical and business end) and is able to recruit and build strong relationships. He's very adept at managing technical talent (especially in offshore settings) and helping develop and mentor that talent into A-level players.

Lastly, I'd like to note that Faisal is well-versed in handling the rollercoaster ride that is an early stage start up. Even through difficult times, he's able to remain even-keeled and make well-informed, data-based recommendations on how to proceed, and continue to move our business forward.

Choose us for our fractional CTO services and welcome a partner committed to turning your vision into a reality.

Initial Consultation

This short-call will allow us to learn more about each other and serves as part of the discovery process.