About Us

Crafty Pixels is a cutting-edge software technology firm that prides itself on its rapid delivery and ability to tackle complex challenges. We aim to simplify technology’s application. Having collaborated with a diverse range of industries, we’ve consistently addressed intricate issues. Our distinguishing factor is our unwavering commitment to delivering measurable results.

A Pixelated Journey​

Our Story

Hi, I’m Faisal Zahid. I am the driving force behind Crafty Pixels.

Crafty Pixels is more than just a company; it’s a journey. From humble beginnings in remote towns of Pakistan to the bustling tech hubs of California, every pixel of this journey has contributed to the establishment and evolution of Crafty Pixels.

As a kid, I was smitten by the magic of computers. Remember playing ‘Prince of Persia’ and ‘Street Fighter 2’? Ah, the good old days! Those early memories in primary school were perhaps the beginning of my passion for technology. But computers offered more than just games. They represented a gateway to endless possibilities. The sheer joy of designing in Photoshop, creating 3D models, and venturing into web design while still in school laid the groundwork for what Crafty Pixels stands for today.

Crafty Pixels is a testament to years of consulting, academic research, collaboration, entrepreneurial ventures, and most importantly, a relentless pursuit of technological advancement driven by curiosity.

Fast forward to a decade filled with collaborations and expansion. We’re now a proud distributed team spanning 4 continents, headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

We’re a team of tech enthusiasts scattered worldwide, but Crafty Pixels deeply resonates with New Zealand’s progressive stance on community and the environment. Drawing inspiration from the indigenous worldview, our approach reflects sustainability and global unity.

Business units

Crafty Ventures + Crafty Digital

We started with a focus on building products and later diversified to offering software services to customers. Even though both units now function independently, this blend has created a unique DNA that puts equal emphasis on product design, user experience, and solid engineering.

Our Philosophy

When you partner with Crafty Pixels, you’re not just gaining a vendor; you’re gaining a team member. We embed ourselves into your objectives, striving to excel, being responsive, and focusing on long-term success.

People over Technology

We believe software should empower people, not get in their way.

Team over showmanship​

We value collaboration and collective effort over individual fame.

Progress over Perfection​

We prefer iterative improvements and timely launches over late and perfect releases.

What We Offer

We are not just another tech agency. Our passion is palpable in every web development project, every digital marketing strategy, and every piece of software we create. While our skills stretch from front-end web development to game development and machine learning, it’s our experience, drawn from diverse projects across the globe, that truly sets us apart.

Today, we’re not just focused on services. Small teams within our larger family look after our proprietary products, while our service-oriented wings ensure our partners receive top of the line support for:

  • Web Development (Frontend, Backend)
  • Marketing Automation and CRM
  • Mobile Development

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