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We believe in agile and partner early. We’re comfortable with the rough imperfection of a new venture. We believe in launch, learn and evolve.


We are strong believers of open source and big contributors in the ecosystem. We hate re-inventing the wheel. We consider ourselves partners for the long term.

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Faisal is one of the most talented technologists I know. Not only does he have deep expertise, but his ability to listen to business needs and translate those into product solutions is unmatched. As a business professional in tech, I value Faisal’s willingness to foresee and explain roadblocks that will affect business development and sales. I look forward to working with Faisal again in the future because I know there are not many like him out there – truly an A-player.

Michael Lyons, Swaggable

There are people who work just to work, and then there are people who work because it is a passion – the latter exemplifies Faisal. I worked with Faisal on a long term web development project, and from the very start I was impressed. In interviewing web developers, Faisal was by far the most prepared, asking questions about my idea that even I didn’t have answers to yet.

Throughout development, Faisal was responsive and able to communicate complex problems in a way any laymen could understand, which was helpful for someone who didn’t have any prior experience with web development. Instead of simply communicating issues that came up, Faisal offered multiple solutions and then suggested his preferred approach.

Although not part of his scope of work, he willingly served (and still serves) as a consultant, sharing his thoughts on strategy and project management, which are plentiful from his experiences as a CTO. And not to mention that Faisal is extremely organized and has one of the strongest work ethics I have encountered. If you are looking for a tech/web consultant or developer, it would be a mistake not to consider Faisal.

Ahmed Sidik, Idealdraft

One of Faisal’s greatest strengths in my opinion is his ability to provide direction and support to his clients whilst simultaneously allowing them to maintain full control of the project. His technical skills with regards to web site design are exceptional. More importantly, his timeliness in communication as well his punctuality make him a great partner to work with. Looking forward to having him onboard for many projects in future :)

Yusuf Doger, ShaqNav

Faisal and I have had a long journey together on Swaggable (5+ years) and I whole heartedly recommend him, and can confidently say that I would work with him on future ventures. From a technical perspective, he is a full stack engineer and is able to quickly switch gears, while shipping great code. He puts data at the forefront and is able to distill complexities into simple and easy to understand language and decision points. Important to note: Across the course of Swaggable, Faisal had to speed learn many new things (e.g. mobile development, eCommerce like Shopify and Amazon APIs) and be able to educate his technical team and us on the business side. From a product stand point, Faisal is a full stack product management guru. He’s able to create on point product mock ups (with minimal direction) and then constructively take feedback to deliver a functional, final product.

On the management end, Faisal has a sharp eye for talent (both on the technical and business end) and is able to recruit and build strong relationships. He’s very adept at managing technical talent (especially in offshore settings) and helping develop and mentor that talent into A-level players.

Lastly, I’d like to note that Faisal is well-versed in handling the rollercoaster ride that is an early stage start up. Even through difficult times, he’s able to remain even-keeled and make well-informed, data-based recommendations on how to proceed, and continue to move our business forward.

Tanai Kamat, Swaggable

I found Faisal to be an awesome mixture of hard working, personable, skillful, and enthusiastic. This enabled him to quickly develop graphical user interfaces that were state of the art, attractive, functional and accurately matched the customer needs.

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