Project Description

Whydis? or Why this?

Whydis generates simple reports, which help users decide if a product is right for them or not. This is done by reading billions of customer reviews from all over the web and then using machine learning technology to bring out the insights.

Today, there is no shortage of reviews and opinions. However, they are scattered all over the place and are in such a huge volume that it is humanly impossible to read through them all. This is why we use cutting-edge natural language processing to bring out the best and the worst about a product, so you don’t have to do this yourself.

Whydis website Showcase

Let the Machines peek through Big Data

Navigating through the noise of consumer reviews

With the prevalence of social media on the Internet, opinion mining has become an essential approach to analyzing such huge data. Various applications appear in a wide range of industrial domains. Meanwhile, opinions have diverse expressions which bring along research challenges. Both of the practical demands and research challenges make opinion mining an active research area in recent years. utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for opinion mining and aspect extraction for different levels and situations. Opinion mining, opinion summarization, and deep learning approaches combine together to make a uniquely scalable solution to this common problem.


Technologies behind Whydis

Features and Benefits

  • No Signup Necessary (No Friction)

  • Reviews from dozens of retailers ( Reviews, Opinions and Signals)

  • Millions of Products ( Massive scale and works across many categories)

  • Tool for Product Research (Find what makes a product standout)

  • Quick Analysis (No need to read hundreds of reviews)

  • User Accounts (Find the products based on your preferences)

  • Price Analysis (Get the best value for your $$$)

  • Simple Layout ( Whydis or Whynot) (Pros or Cons)

  • 100% Free Forever (Just like the best things in this life)

If reading this made you curious about what whydis is,  feel free to try it out and let us know what you think? We have put all our work and effort to bring this to the community for free.

We love building software at scale! If you have an idea like this, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you to bring it to reality.