Project Description



CPG Marketers are disconnected from consumers

Swaggable sees an opportunity for disruption in the CPG industry

  • Brands need to better identify and understand key consumers

  • Consumers need better access to cut through marketing clutter




Two-sided platform connecting consumers and brands through personalized discovery and promotions.


Technology bridging the gap between Consumers and Brands

Our take on reducing product manufacturing waste and sending demand signal

While advertising has already made the leap into the digital age, promotions, especially offline promotions are still stuck in the old school.
By closing the loop on promotions, we solve some of the big problems like wastage, fraud and measurement.

Consumer Site

Swaggable Consumer Site
  • Comprehensive social network where users can get a chance to try products with their friends

  • Transnational emails based on actions by users.

  • Sophisticated invite server that picks users based on their location, campaign rules and activity and then sends them promotional offers.

  • Backend tools for Swaggable admins for operations that let them manage shipments, offers and support tickets

Marketer Platform

Marketer Platform Demo Picture
  • Insights dashboard where brands and marketers can see product demand with features to drill down to granular details.

  • Custom email templating and scheduling engine that helps marketing team create emails without diving into code.

  • Dynamic reports based on how consumers are interacting with products

  • Semantic analysis of reviews data generated through promotions. This has numerous insights on consumer behavior like purchase intent.

We’ve spent over 5 years building a better way for brands and consumers to connect through what really matters: product experiences. Our platform is the most effective way to close the loop around product trial experiences, creating a win-win solution that both consumers and marketers love.

The unique strength of our system is our ability to get far better consumer data, which is provided directly by our users. Everyday our users tell us about themselves, their needs and preferences because we use it to help them discover new relevant products.

This stream of rich data fuels our ability to match consumers and their demand with better promotions from brands who are looking to reach them.


User Demand -> Personalized Promotions = Happy Consumers and Higher Sales

There is no better feeling in the world than to touch thousands of lives by¬†improving their experiences, even if its a step at a time. We’ve been able to create a platform where a user is now more aware of products around them. On the other end, marketers are not shooting in the dark anymore but making informed decisions based on data.

0 to 150K Users and counting
Paying Brands with Recurring Campaigns
Written reviews, >70% Review rate

“Since our product is new and unique, engaging interested consumers in niche segments is critical. Swaggable’s ability to find and reach our ideal customer has been incredible and the insights from reviews have helped us identify new segments along the way.”

Sarah Pelland, Social Media & Marketing Manager, Manitoba Harvest

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