Project Description


Shaqnav aims to provide individuals with a range of resources from books, audiobooks and podcasts. The author of the website comes from academia. He’s an ambitious teacher in Sydney, Australia who wants to curate these in a helpful way so this becomes a go to place for students.

There are so many resources out there today and it can sometimes get overwhelming; shaqnav is here to navigate the user through the vast ocean of information available today.


  1. The general aim is to promote learning and self-development. As well as to act as a navigator through online resources, movies, halal products.. for Muslims living in Australia or abroad.
  2. To provide a list of books, audiobooks and podcasts which users can review, and categorize them in terms of suitability for various audiences.
  3. To provide a list of inspirational and beneficial movies that are suitable for Muslim audiences or other audiences who prefer to avoid movies which contain profanity, nudity etc.
  4. To have control over content so that it can be kept up to date and new suggestions received from the website can be added easily.

After multiple interactions, requirements were gathered and then mockups were created. This gets us all on the same page before the actual development is started.


We created a wordpress powered website for the client with a flexible minimal design. Wordpress here acts as a backbone which makes it easy to modify content and gives the ability to add unlimited number of pages. As client is a content publisher, having the power to tweak the site becomes critical.

We helped set up the domain and a dedicated hosting server for them. Server optimizations like caching and minification of resources was also done. Branding work was done by coming up with a complimenting color scheme and logo design.

Happy Client

One of Faisal's greatest strengths in my opinion is his ability to provide direction and support to his clients whilst simultaneously allowing them to maintain full control of the project. His technical skills with regards to web site design are exceptional. More importantly, his timeliness in communication as well his punctuality make him a great partner to work with. Looking forward to having him onboard for many projects in future

Recommendation for Faisal Zahid