Project Description

Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC)

Research and Development


I was part of the network monitoring team at Stanford Linear Accelerator from 2010 till 2012. Our team comprised of incredible individuals with diverse skill-set. I got the opportunity to work under Dr Les Cottrell, who was part of the Nobel prize winning group that discovered the quark. During that period i got involved in working at visualization tools for Pinger and Perfsonar

I found Faisal to be an awesome mixture of hard working, personable, skillful, and enthusiastic. This enabled him to quickly develop graphical user interfaces that were state of the art, attractive, functional and accurately matched the customer needs

PingER Map

Pinger Worldwide Coverage on Google Maps

PingER (Ping End-to-end Reporting) is tool built under Internet End-to-end Performance Measurement (IEPM) project to monitor end-to-end performance of Internet links. Focus of this project is to measure the Digital Divide from an Internet Performance viewpoint.

PingER Map developed by Faisal Zahid

Visibility on Deployed Sites

There are various kind of Pinger sites worldwide, this map lets users see their exact locations and gives a bird’s eye view on coverage in a country.

Connection Health between Sites

Ability to see connection health between sites visually can help evaluate network bandwidth in organizations. When seen in reference to other countries, it can also show how good and bad is the internet between countries.

Contact Details

Keeping these sites up to date is a challenge, hence we keep the contact info in our database. This tool helps the admins easily locate and reach out to those in-charge.

Performance Metrics

Connection between PingER sites is measured periodically and various performance metrics can be accessed. This helps admins see the interconnectivity between regions and specific stats on the network.

Historical Data between Sites

Sometime connections between sites improve or decline based on various scenarios. Tool provides this valuable insight for the network admins and researchers.

Range Configuration

As different countries have different standard internet speeds, it helps set different ranges for different areas. e.g Korea vs Zimbabwe would be two very different set of scales.

Results and Success

This tool helps the team keep the sites up to date, monitor network health world wide and provides understanding on problem areas. There are numerous applications of this data. e.g We used it to help some African nations pin point exact locations where if they setup telecom towers, would get significant boast in internet connectivity.

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PingER Website

I took the responsibility of taking the old text based website (created back in the 90’s) and consolidating 3 decades of research projects into a minimal looking site. This site went on to become the landing page for the whole project.

Pinger website for stanford linear accelerator
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