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Discuss Places

DiscussPlaces is the ideal forum for travelers to meet online. Review places and discuss destinations! Post your favorite photos, get unbiased opinions about hotels, restaurants & nightlife. Discover what others recommend, read reviews from people just like you, and be inspired.

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An Online Traveller Community

Why we started?

DiscussPlaces is a cross between social network and forum, where you can discuss around 60,000 places around the world. More than that, you can also view photos posted by travellers, read reviews and search for maps and directions of places from anywhere in the world.

It’s sort of a discussion oriented online travel guide. Our mission is to deliver a great experience for users and tremendous business benefits for our advertisers. We want to bring the world closer together by cultivating a sense of community for travelers and locals alike.

The concept for the site itself derives from my own experiences of getting lost in my early twenties and sometimes finding myself in strange and sometimes uncomfortable situations while traveling. I wish for a tool where i could meet other travelers with similar interests. Hence I made this travel companion. It’s the best way to get the scoop on where to eat, sleep, and play before you travel and then tell others about it when you get back. Discuss Places also acts as your guide, offering real-time location based recommendations from locals and other travelers before and during your visit.

Get answers from locals

Traveling is a lot of fun, but navigating it can be a headache. When you need advice about an area or activity (things to see and do, places to stay), our members can help. That’s because they’ve been to the local spots; they know where to find the best and we’ll show you exactly what they’re talking about on your screen.

It’s like the Discovery channel on steroids!

Features and Benefits

  • No Signup Necessary (No Friction)

  • Up voting mechanism ( Community Curation)

  • Ask about any place, city or country ( Infinite scale)

  • Find out hidden Gems (Insights from locals)

  • Get familiar with geography (Builtin maps)

  • User Accounts (Connect With Like Minded Users)

  • Free chat among users (Sense of community)

  • Learn about Cultures ( Informal Education)

  • 100% Free Forever (Just like the best things in this life)

If you’re curious about the discussplaces, you can find out more here.

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