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The Next Generation Movies & TV Shows Discussion Forum

DiscussIMDB is a supercharged discussion forum focused on movies, tv shows and celebrities. It is a community driven platform where people can rediscover their favorite films, discuss plots, share their top lists, follow celebrity accounts and much more.

Movies & TV Shows Discussion Forums


Why we started this new kind of movies discussion board?

We love movies, for many years IMDB used to be our go to place to discuss stuff, read about plots and understand some complex endings. Since IMDB removed their discussion forums in 2017. We thought there is a great opportunity to get the community back together and build a discussion forum which is better than IMDB and enables a platform for like minded folks to talk about films. Here is our try at it.

DiscussIMDB is like a conventional forum but on steroids. You can do all the usual stuff like searching, creating, following topics and posts. However all of this gets automatically organized based on IMDB structure. e.g if you are looking to discuss “Avengers Endgame”, you can just type the name on the search bar and it will show you the movie poster and topics already created around it.

Features and Benefits

  • No Signup Necessary to Start Posting
  • Up voting mechanism for curated moderation

  • Automatically get trailers and related videos of new movies and TV shows
  • Follow top reviewers and get notifications when they post something new
  • Discuss and follow celebrity social media posts without signing up to social media websites

  • User Accounts to Connect With Like Minded Users

  • Free chat among users (Sense of community)

  • Watch “Explained” videos about complex movie plots
  • Share your favorite movies and learn about new ones from others
  • Read and build a frequently asked questions list of you favorite movies
  • Like a certain movie? Find similar movies by browsing movies by certain tags. tags
  • 100% Free Forever (Just like the best things in this life)

Apart from reviews, discussions and debates users have the freedom to build their own library of movies and fill it with their own personalized collection. Follow the best cinephiles and filmgoers who give the most honest first-hand reviews. Create movie recommendations for followers and others to read or discuss movies. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments about that latest films and upcoming releases, meet other cinephiles who love to discuss and talk about their favorites.

If reading this made you curious about what the DiscussIMDB is,  feel free to try it out and let us know what you think? We have put all our work and effort to bring this to the community for free.

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Thought process behind picking the right technology and tools

Once the idea stage was done and we knew what we wanted to build. Now it was time to figure out the best technology to build this. After some research, we decided that NodeJS is the right Technology for building something like this. It is fast and modern. That’ll help us create and iterate at speed. Once that’s decided, we started looking for a CMS so we’ll be able to moderate and add control with some level of comfort. We love open source at crafty pixels. We came across NodeBB, found it to be maturing quite quickly. After a bunch of trials we knew that this is it, we are going to build DiscussIMDB in Nodebb.  

We love building software at scale! If you have an idea like this, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you to bring it to reality.