Project Description


AAA Construction and Bridging corp. is a general contracting and construction management corporation in tri state area. They specialize in commercial and private construction. Since its creation AAA Construction and Bridging Corp. has continually surpassed the expectations of some of the most exacting clients on some of the complex projects in Tri state area.

They needed a boutique site to showcase their construction work and services they offer. Idea was to have something simple, yet visually appealing to give insight into their projects.

What we did

At the time, back in 2009-10 flash and animated sites were a big deal. We helped them with a minimal layout in flash that animated through their work. Site was well appreciated by the client and helped them land some big contracts.

Since then they’ve moved on to new ventures and company was acquired. We used Illustrator, Flash, HTML/CSS/JS for this project.