Nodebb list plugins

When using Nodebb there are times when you wanna quickly see which plugins are installed and active/enabled. Yes, you can easily do that on the ACP GUI, but for letting others know there is no easy way to copy the list from the GUI. Running the following command in your nodebb forum root will list all active plugins.

./nodebb plugins

#This will result in list of all plugins on your forum

Active plugins:
	* nodebb-plugin-adsense (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-audio-control (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-audio-embed (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-beep (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-browsing-users (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-category-sort-by-votes (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-composer-default (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-custom-pages (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-dbsearch (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-emailer-mailgun (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-embed-combo (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-emoji (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-emoji-android (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-emoji-apple (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-emoji-one (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-giphy (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-groups-autoassigncategory (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-imagemagick (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-imgur (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-markdown (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-mentions (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-ns-awards (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-ns-custom-fields (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-ns-embed (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-ns-points (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-ns-spoiler (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-oauth-server (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-poll2 (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-recent-cards (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-save-plugins (not installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-share-post-icons (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-shoutbox-neho (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-sso-facebook (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-sso-google (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-sso-twitter (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-tenor-gif (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-user-invitations (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-plugin-write-api (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-rewards-essentials (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-theme-lavender (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-theme-persona (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-theme-slick (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-theme-vanilla (installed, disabled)
	* nodebb-widget-essentials (installed, enabled)
	* nodebb-widget-rotating-topic (installed, enabled)
Show all plugins installed and active