Free online mind mapping. The most simple and productive online mind map canvas. There are many websites offering mind maps for free, but you have to signup, give your credit card info and ultimately have to pay. But our free mind map is free forever because we use it ourselves and just want to give back to the community.

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Use Mindmaps

The efficiency of a craftypixels mind maps cannot be underestimated as its simplicity helps to consolidate information from variable sources and clarify your thoughts, ideas, and insights on complex subjects. Not only can our free mind map creator be used for academic purposes, but it can also be used in planning your daily schedule, creating presentations, summarizing a book, and most importantly planning projects in the commercial sphere.

Creating a mind map with our free mind map software can be so interesting as it doesn’t require any special skills. In creating a mind map, the main idea or title is placed at the center and other related subtopics are connected to it with a line. To maintain its simplicity, the main title and the other sub-topics should be represented with a very short phrase or a single word. This enables you to see at a glance what a topic is all about and thus improve its comprehension, memory, and the easy ability to recall.

Information structured using our free mind map tool is readily compatible with the visual learning method and allows the learner to absorb a large number of ideas and information faster than usual. It stimulates the brain and thus increases his creativity. In achieving optimum efficiency using a mind map online, the use of colors, drawings, shapes, symbols, and images can also be employed.

Just as the mind map is very useful in all aspects of life, it has also been reported to play an important role and an invaluable study aid for students with learning difficulties such as autism. Crafty pixel is the go-to free mind map creator, you can trust and entrust.

What is a mind map or what is mind mapping?

A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping you to better analyse, comprehend, synthesise, recall and generate new ideas.

Just as in every great idea, its power lies in its simplicity.

In a mind map, as opposed to traditional note taking or a linear text, information is structured in a way that resembles much more closely how your brain actually works. Since it is an activity that is both analytical and artistic, it engages your brain in a much, much richer way, helping in all its cognitive functions. And, best of all, it is fun!

What does a mind map look like?

Mindmaps is opensource and is a fork of popular mindmaps app. You can check it out at github.