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Flow Charts Creator

Flowchart Creator

Create flowcharts, process diagrams, org charts, UML, ER and network diagrams and more

Flowchart Creator is the perfect free flow chart maker program for both beginners and advanced users to make flowcharts, BPMN diagrams, org charts and more. It enables you to create professional flow chart and process chart with rich features. Besides, it offers a powerful custom-made symbol library and is compatible with MS Visio files so as to meets various needs.


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Free online flow charts creator! Get the most powerful, professional diagram software on the market.

Businesses see increased productivity paired with significant cost savings from utilizing flow charts in their everyday processes.

Flow Chart Creator that runs everywhere

Flowchart Creator is a cross-platform flowchart design program that is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and a large variety of built-in symbols for flowchart, data flow diagram, BPMN and workflow diagram design. No matter you are a newbie or an expert, you can deal with it at first sight and make marvelous flowcharts with only a few clicks. A step to democratize visualization and create flowcharts/mind maps as easily as sending an email.

You don’t have to be a technical writer or programmer to create mind-maps, web-maps, flow charts, organizational charts, process maps and more. You’ll love FlowChart Creator!

Benefits of Flow Chart Creator

It is a free online diagram software, not only to be used for flowcharts but process diagrams, org charts, UML, ER and network diagrams. It is an open platform where you can create and share diagrams. It’s integrated with the tools you already use.

Our program has included all types of flowchart symbols in the built-in libraries. The symbols strictly follow the industry standard; however, they are also highly-customizable if you still think they cannot satisfy your requirements. You are allowed to change color, adjust line styles, and customize everything.

What is a flowchart?

Flow Charts map out a process using a series of connected symbols, which makes the process easy to understand and aids in its communication with other people. Flow Charts are useful for explaining how a complex and/or abstract procedure, system, concept, or algorithm works.

Have you ever had to teach someone how to do a new task, or use a new process? If so, you’ll know how easy it is for them to misunderstand instructions, or even forget them, along the way. This is why flow charts are so useful! A well-designed flow chart prevents miscommunication and ensures that everyone involved knows exactly what to do.

A flow chart is also known as Flow Diagram, Flow Process Chart, Process Chart, Process Map, Process Model, Work Flow Diagram. This type of diagram is used to show the sequential steps of a process.

Drawing a Flow Chart can also help in planning and developing a process or improving an existing one. Symbols are divided up and standardized into different types that each have their particular shape. Labels for each step are written inside of the symbol shape. Flow Charts begin and end with a curved rectangle to signify the start and finishing of the process. Lines or arrows are used to show the direction of flow from one step in the process to another. Simple instructions or actions are represented by a rectangle. While a diamond shape is used when a decision is needed. Many other symbols can be used in Flow Chart. Flow Charts can run horizontally or vertically.


How is this Flow Chart app free?

This flow chart app is a fork of an open source project which is used by many other big corporations. Beauty of this is that it can be self hosted. Since our team uses this internally and it adds no further cost for us to make it available to public (with light usage), we decided to open it up for everyone. We also have no incentive to hoard on user data, so we don’t save any info that you create through the too. What this means is, you can easily create any flow chart or diagram on it without worrying about any privacy concerns.