Access to Fetch has been blocked by CORS policy


Access to fetch at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. If an opaque response serves [...]

Access to Fetch has been blocked by CORS policy2021-01-31T06:00:17+00:00

Jupyter notebook on docker


How to setup Jupyter Notebook in a docker container through docker-compose file. Make sure to replace "/Users/faisal/Projects/docker-jupyter" with your own local path. After that [...]

Jupyter notebook on docker2021-02-02T09:02:05+00:00

iptables open port


How to open a port in iptables What is Iptables? Iptables is a set of rules that allows a system administrator [...]

iptables open port2020-09-18T11:06:09+00:00

Nodebb docker


What is Docker Compose and why use it here? Docker includes a tool called Docker Compose that helps you create multi container applications. We'll use it to create two containers [...]

Nodebb docker2021-02-09T08:13:52+00:00

How to update Jenkins on Ubuntu


How to update Jenkins Simple easy steps on upgrading a pre-installed Jenkins First we need to locate where Jenkins is installed. Common location of jenkins war file on [...]

How to update Jenkins on Ubuntu2021-03-09T11:14:41+00:00

How to check Linux RAM usage


Investigating RAM usage (How to see Linux RAM Usage) When your projects grow you are bound to have situations where you want to find out which process is [...]

How to check Linux RAM usage2021-02-02T11:35:16+00:00
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