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About CraftyPixels

Hi! I’m Faisal Zahid. CraftyPixels is a brainchild of mine. I’m a creator and IT strategist at heart. The massive scale of internet excites me, and has kept me involved with tech startups for over 8 years now. I’ve been very fortunate to lead and work with a group of exceptional individuals.

We believe strategy combined with quality design, hard work, and clear communication are the keys to solving any business need.

We try our best to take care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on the things you do best.

Faisal Zahid

We are a team of problem solvers who want to work with you to build a better world 😉

Meet My Crafty Comrades

Extraordinary individuals

Tayyaba Khalid

Tayyaba Khalid

Web Development

Tayyaba gives a soft touch to our products. Someone who feels for the users and knows how to convert ideas into reality. When she’s not dealing with bits, she loves to travel and cook.

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan

Backend Engineering

There is no such thing as a hard problem that Faisal can’t solve. A scientist who knows his coffee. At his spare time, he loves to game and play with his gadgets.

Faizan Zahid

Faizan Zahid

SEO & Marketing

Faizan is a passionate guy with a very curious mind. A business minded techie who gets the consumer market. When not in front of screens, he loves to perform street magic and dance

Faizan Zahid

Atif Bilal


A tester who’s good around people. A rare combination of skills which serve the team very well when Atif’s on his mission to get those pesky little bugs fixed. He loves cars and enjoys eating out with friends.

Jackie Sledge

Jackie Sledge


Jackie bring a lot of energy on board. She’s our goto person for all matters legal. A meticulous lady with a lot of experience in government affairs

Tahir Shaikh

Tahir Shaikh

Business Development

Tahir comes from hospitality industry. With decades of experience dealing with people, he utilizes his interpersonal skills to listen out client problems. A trait that lets every one on the team to move to the right direction

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